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Adult Female
sweetiep 3.jpg

Her Details

DOB: April 2018

Colour: Calico

Breed: Domestic Short Hair


Her Personality

SweetieP is a beautiful, expressive, love magnet who wants nothing more than to be your BFF.  Her coat is as soft as silk and her colors are downright stunning which are nicely complimented by the beauty mark on her nose and her white bootie feet. Initially very nervous of strangers, once she has had the time to relax and realize she’s safe with you, her affection knows no bounds.  She is very gentle and just one gaze in her direction and her purr motor is instantaneous. SweetieP loves to be as close to her people as is possible and will not only climb up into your lap for a good cuddle but isn’t shy about making her way onto your shoulder so she can purr in your ear all the while rubbing her face against yours. She’s been known to follow her Foster Mom around the house much more like a little dog than a cat, and will love settling down beside you to keep you company  whether it be for work or a good movie.  She has the most adorable little meow and can be quite chatty when the mood strikes her, wanting to tell you all about what she thinks on any given topic.  SweetieP can be quite curious and enjoys investigating her surrounding which includes her desire to climb up high to survey exactly what is going on around her.  She also really enjoys interactive toys for play time and when not with you, can often be found snuggling with her brother Monkey who she is bonded to and needs to be adopted with.

Adoption fee for SweetieP and Monkey together is $350

sweetiep 1.jpg

Her Must-Haves

  • A quiet home that has the time to give lots of attention and love for both her and her brother, Monkey

  •  Older children (12+) only please

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