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Female Kitten
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Her Details

DOB: May 2023 (Approximate) 

Colour: Brown Tabby

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Running Dog

Her Personality

Meet Spritzer, the embodiment of resilience and cautious charm. This independent girl has weathered challenges from the very beginning, surviving against all odds. Found alone at just 3 weeks old amidst tragedy, Spritzer's fighting spirit ensured her survival until the loving arms of rescuers embraced her. Her cautious nature, born from her early trials, leads her to approach new people and animals with careful curiosity, but she blossoms into a warm and endearing companion once trust is earned. With a mischievous streak, she finds delight in hiding, ready to surprise with her playful antics. Spritzer's journey reminds us that strength and trust can emerge even from the most challenging beginnings, illuminating her path from survivor to beloved friend.

Adoption fee is $225 for one kitten/$400 for two


PLEASE NOTE: kittens under 6 months must go in pairs or to a home with another young, friendly cat.

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Her Must-Haves

  • A home that has the time to give lots of love and attention

  • Another young cat friend

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