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Adult Female

Her Details

DOB: December 2021  (approximate)

Colour: Brown Tabby

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Running Dog
Dogs  ?

Her Personality

Hello, my name is Shrimp and my foster Mom says I have a small name but it does not match my personality Or my Structure, have you gotten a look at these ears ? I also have a big loving heart and I would like a forever home. I have not met children, but my foster mom thinks I would be really good with a younger child that is old enough to know the responsibility of a cat. Because I really love to be petted constantly. And I don't mind being picked up at I never use my nails when I'm picked up so I would be good for a little person. I would never scratch them. I'd love to play and I get the zoomies once or twice a day. I'm sorry for all the rugs. You're going to have to put back in place. It's what I do when I get the zoomies. I do live with a cat right now and I really like her. So if you have another cat that might be a good playmate for me. I'm not good with loud noises. My mom just clappes her hands lightly. If I'm doing something I shouldn't like trying to scratch the furniture but I promise I stop as soon as she claps her hands lightly and says my name. I like to be with my people all the time. I will follow you around sometimes and if you have a big window where I can watch birds or the squirrels who talk back at me that would be great. I love my cat stand and it has a little cubby hole on the bottom that I like to sit in and poke my head Out so I can look around the room. When you're going to bed, don't be surprised if I beat you to our bed . I love to sleep with my human at night. And I don't even crowd. I will create my own space and give you yours. My mom says I am full of love and great company. Don't you think I would be a great family addition . Everyone loves Shrimp . I will be the best take home order of Shrimp you ever had.

Adoption Fee: $200.00


Her Must-Haves

  • A home willing to provide lots of love and attention 

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