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Young Male

His Details

DOB: December 2022 (approximate)

Colour: Black

Breed: Poodle

Children ?
Running Dog

His Personality

Introducing Ramiro, initially reserved, Ramiro prefers slow introductions, taking his time to warm up to new faces and surroundings. But once he feels comfortable and secure, he blossoms into a devoted cuddlebug, craving nothing more than affection and love from his human companions. With patience and understanding, Ramiro's shyness fades away, revealing a loyal and affectionate friend. His gentle nature makes him a perfect fit for a calm and nurturing environment, where he can thrive and flourish. Ramiro's ultimate happiness lies in the warmth of cuddles and the reassurance of love, making him the perfect companion for those willing to offer him the patience and affection he deserves.

Adoption Fee: $695.00


His Must-Haves

  • A home that is active and has lots of love to give!

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