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Queen Iduna

Young Female
queenie gpf.png

Her Details

DOB: November 2022 (Approximate) 

Colour: Black

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Running Dog

Her Personality

👑 Meet Queen Iduna (aka Queenie): The Royal Sweetheart! 👑

Greetings, loyal subjects! I'm Queen Iduna, but you can call me Queenie, and I'm ready to find my forever castle where I can reign over a kingdom of love and attention! 🏰❤️

👑 A Loving Mother: I have the heart of a true queen, and I was an exceptional mom to my kittens. I played with them more than most mothers would, ensuring they had a royal upbringing! 👶👑

🥰 Cuddle Royalty: Now that my parenting duties are behind me, I'm ready to bask in all the love and attention I deserve. There's nothing I enjoy more than getting pets and cuddles from my loyal subjects (aka my person) while relaxing on my royal cat tree. 🐾👑

🪟 Royal Gazer: I love gazing out of the window, taking in the world beyond my castle walls. Hanging out on cat trees is my favorite pastime, and I do it with elegance and grace. 🪵👑

🎉 Playful Monarch: While I appreciate the finer things in life, I'm not too regal to indulge in some playful moments. A game or two to keep me entertained is always welcome. 👑🎲

🏡 Ideal Home: I would thrive in a serene and not too chaotic environment. I'm fairly independent but adore the company of my loyal subjects, the humans who care for me.

If you're ready to welcome a royal sweetheart like me into your home, where love and attention are plentiful, I'm here to be your loyal and loving companion. Let's create a kingdom of love together! Come meet me today, and I'll grace you with my presence and affection. 🏡👑 

Adoption fee $175

queenie 2.jpg
queenie 4.jpg

Her Must-Haves

  • A home that has the time to give lots of love and attention

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