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Male Kitten

His Details

DOB: June 2023 (approximate)

Colour: Black and White

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

 Children (+12 yrs old)
Running Dog

His Personality

Meet Peart, the adorable and enigmatic kitten with a name as unique as his personality. Named after the legendary drummer Neil Peart, this little feline embodies the rhythmic charm of his namesake. Despite being initially reserved, Peart is a shy ball of fur that gradually unfolds his affectionate nature. With patience and a gentle touch, he transforms into a warm and loving companion, proving that his bashful exterior conceals a heart full of love.

Peart's affection extends beyond his feline counterparts, as he holds a special fondness for both cats and dogs. His playful antics and curious gaze create a magnetic charm, drawing the affection of all creatures around him. As Peart tiptoes into your heart, you'll discover a companion who brings joy and rhythm into your life, just like the beats of a favorite song.

Adoption Fee: $225.00


His Must-Haves

  • A home willing to provide lots of love and attention.

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