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Female Kitten
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Her Details

DOB: March 2023 (approximate)

Colour: White

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Running Dog

Her Personality

Introducing Obi, the enchanting and lovable kitten with a heartwarming personality. She adores being picked up, cuddled, and petted, reveling in the affection she receives. Obi is a playful and curious explorer, always ready for fun with her favorite toys. At night, she finds comfort in sleeping in bed with her human companions. This affectionate and loyal feline enjoys head and chin scratches, and she's known for her funny and independent nature. Obi's moments of bravery and protectiveness make her a special companion. With her dignified and gentle demeanor, she'll steal your heart with her charm and love for cuddles while watching Blue Planet with her foster mom.

Adoption fee is $225 for one kitten/$400 for two


PLEASE NOTE: kittens under 6 months must go in pairs or to a home with another young, friendly cat. 

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Her Must-Haves

  • A home that has the time to give lots of attention and love.

  • Cat savvy dogs will be considered.

  • Older children only please (10+)

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