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Adult Male
monkey 3.jpg

His Details

DOB: April 2018 

Colour: Black & White

Breed: Domestic Short Hair


His Personality

            Monkey is truly a gentle giant.  A very big boned handsome boy whose good looks are made all the more endearing by the very small black freckle right beside his nose.  Initially very wary of strangers, he warms up wonderfully to those he has the opportunity to get to know and comes to trust.  Sudden movements and noises may still frighten him but even if he does feel the need to retreat, he returns within moments realizing that all is well and there’s nothing for him to fear.  Monkey is such a loving, incredibly gentle, friendly, and laid-back boy.  He loves to be paid attention to, will happily let you brush him, and although not a lap cat, he does love to be close by and keep you company wherever in the home you may find yourself.  He enjoys soft, plushy spots for his mid-afternoon naps and enjoys viewing the world around him from a window spot.  Very calm, low key, he also does have his playful moments and really enjoys interactive toys like lazer pen and wand toys the most.  Monkey is also extremely bonded to his sister SweetieP, often seeking her out for a snuggle or reassurance so they must be adopted together.

Monkey & SweetieP's adoption fee is $350.00

monkey 2.jpg

His Must-Haves

  • A quiet home that has the time to give lots of attention and love for both him and his sister, SweetieP

  •  Older children (12+) only please

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