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Young Female

Her Details

DOB: February 2024

Colour: Tan

Breed: Corgi/Hound

Running Dog

Her Personality

Meet Mina, the bundle of joy with a zest for life! With her playful personality and love for the great outdoors, Mina is the perfect companion for any adventure.

From the moment you meet her, Mina's playful spirit shines through. Whether she's chasing after a ball or frolicking in the yard, she's always up for a good time. With her wagging tail and infectious energy, she'll have you laughing and smiling in no time.

Mina isn't just all about fun and games, though. She's also a social butterfly who adores the company of other dogs. Whether it's a romp at the dog park or a playdate with furry friends, Mina is happiest when she's surrounded by her canine companions.

But don't let her love for the outdoors fool you - Mina is also a cuddle bug at heart. She craves your affection and enjoys nothing more than snuggling up close for some quality petting time. Whether it's curling up on the couch or lounging in the sun, Mina just wants to be by your side.

While Mina may still be working on her house training, she's a quick learner who's eager to please. She sleeps soundly in her kennel with the door open within her xpen, eagerly awaiting the next day's adventures.

With her playful antics and unwavering affection, Mina is the perfect addition to any loving home. So if you're ready for endless fun and unconditional love, look no further than Mina - your new best friend awaits!

Adoption Fee $695


Her Must-Haves

  • A home that is quite active and will have the time to provide lots of exercise.

  • Patience while I am housetrained

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