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Adult Male

His Details

DOB: October 2019  (Approximate) 

Colour: Brown Tabby

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Children (+12 yrs)

His Personality

Meet Mr. Marbles

This young man is a balance between handsome and eloquence.  His regal stature is matched only by his cuteness.

Mr. Marbles enjoys quiet time with his favourite human, sitting close to you as you both watch TV.  He enjoys pets and playing with his toys.  He loves to search the apartment for toys and bring them back to his room.  When you come home at the end of a long work day, he will tell you all about his day and listen attentively as you tell him about yours.  He is a finicky eater but have finally found a food he loves so would recommend keeping him on that.  He doesn’t like can or raw food but adding a little water to his kibble is great and he will gobble that up.  He is not a free feeder and really needs the routine of regular feedings.

If you are the lucky adopter, please note that he will need time to warm up to his environment.  He will need a room to himself for the first few weeks so he can identify his ‘safe space’.  He has gotten very good at letting humans know of his triggers and will establish his boundaries early on.  But once he’s feels safe, he will turn into the biggest cuddle bug.

Mr. Marbles will require a quiet home with one or two adult humans (he is currently in a foster home with one adult male and a senior resident cat).  Changing homes will be tough on him so someone with previous cat experience will be a must.  Please, no children or dogs as he is not a fan of either.  Cats are undecided at the moment.  He is sharing his foster home with a resident cat and although introductions are going slowly, they seem to be going well.  I would say cats are a maybe provided it’s an older cat with little to no interest in him.  Definitely no kittens, the energy they leak will not be appreciated.  He does have stranger danger which is why it’s important he has a safe space to go, so when guests come over, he has a place to chill while you visit.

Mr. Marbles is a sweet kitty who (after time) will shower his human with lots of love and attention.  He’s just a cat that needs a special home with an understanding of his needs.  I know you are out there somewhere, please give this handsome boy a chance.

Adoption fee is $200.00


His Must-Haves

  • Experienced cat owner is a must

  • A home that has the time to give lots of attention and love

  • Routine regular feeding

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