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Young Female
IMG_20230930_195135 - Carol Hill.jpg

Her Details

DOB: January 2023 (Approximate) 

Colour: Black and brown 

Breed:  Miniature Pinscher 

Running Dog

Her Personality

Meet Maggie, she is a delightful bundle of joy who brightens every moment with her infectious happiness. Maggie forms strong bonds with the adults in her life, cherishing every interaction with them. She radiates warmth and affection, making her a cherished member of any household. Around unfamiliar dogs, Maggie is cautious but is always willing to give new friendships a chance. She enjoys going for walks, basking in the glorious sunshine, but she's not a fan of the cold; her heart thrives in warmth. Maggie's zest for life is evident in her playful nature; her tail is a perpetual blur of joy, and her energy is boundless. While she's learning the concept of "no," her mischievous side has earned her the nickname "the robber," a testament to her clever antics. Her expressive eyes speak volumes, revealing her deep connection to her humans. Maggie's favorite place is by their side, as she adores being with her people. In Maggie, you'll find a loyal, spirited, and heartwarming companion who keeps you on your toes and fills your life with love and laughter. Her happiness is contagious, making her a cherished member of any family.

Adoption fee: $695.00

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Her Must-Haves

  • A home that is quite active and will have the time to provide lots of exercise.

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