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Young Male

His Details

DOB: November 2023 

Colour: Tan and White

Breed: Husky

Running Dog

His Personality

Meet Lino, Your Future Bundle of Joy! 🐾 Hi there! I'm Lino, a delightful foster pup with a heart full of love and a tail that never stops wagging! I'm on the lookout for a forever home where I can share endless cuddles and adventures. 🏡💕 Playful Pal: I absolutely adore toys! Squeaky, bouncy, chewy – you name it, I'll play with it! My enthusiasm knows no bounds, especially when it comes to playtime with other dogs and even those mysterious creatures called cats. 🐶🐱 Sweet Snuggler: After a fun day, there's nothing I love more than snuggling up. Whether it's a cozy lap or a soft bed, I'm all about the cuddles. You'll find my sweet nature is just perfect for heartwarming snuggle sessions. 💖 Smarty-Paws: Guess what? I'm crate trained! I've mastered the art of chilling in my own space, making it easier for you to have peace of mind when you're out and about. 🧠🏅 Future Big Boy: I'm still growing, and I'm bound to be a big, lovable lug! I dream of a home with space to romp and play, where I can burn off my bountiful energy. A yard would be awesome, but most importantly, I need a family who loves to be active and playful. 🌳🏃 Forever Friend: I'm looking for a forever family that will guide me, love me, and be my lifelong adventure buddies. In return, I promise a lifetime of loyalty, laughs, and an endless supply of puppy kisses. 😘🐕 Are you ready to open your heart and home to a lovable, playful, and sweet pup like me? Let's start our journey together! Contact my foster family to learn more about making me a part of yours. 🌈🐾 Love, Lino 🐶❤️

Adoption fee: $695.00


His Must-Haves

  • A home that is quite active and will have the time to provide lots of exercise.

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