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Young Female
lindy 1.jpg

Her Details

DOB: May 2023 (Approx.)

Colour: Tan

Breed: Terrier

Children 10+
Running Dog

Her Personality

Introducing Lindy, the most adorable little lady that has boundless enthusiasm and a heart full of love. She loves playing with other dogs and would do amazing if another pup was in her forever home because of her playful nature and her love for cuddling and exploring the great outdoors.


Despite facing challenges early on, Lindy's spirit remains resilient, eager to forge new bonds and discover what the world has to offer her!

Initially shy due to her past experiences, Lindy thrives with encouragement and gentle guidance. Once she feels secure in her surroundings, her true personality emerges in a burst of joy and affection. Get ready for a daily dose of excitement and wiggles as Lindy greets each day with unbridled enthusiasm.

Whether she's curled up beside you for a cozy snuggle session or bounding through fields on an adventure, Lindy's zest for life is infectious. She's seeking a forever home with someone who understands her need for patience and support, willing to help her step confidently out of her comfort zone. Bringing Lindy into your life means gaining a loyal companion who will fill your days with laughter, love, and unforgettable moments of joy.

Adoption Fee $695

lindy 2.jpg
lindy 4.jpg

Her Must-Haves

  • A home with lots of love and the patience to let Lindy come out of her shell.

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