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Female Kitten
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Her Details

DOB: June 2023 (approximate)

Colour: Tabby and White

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Running Dog

Her Personality

Harley (aka Harley Barley, Har Har, Seriously Please Stop) loves to ‘watch the world’ from her perch on her downtime. She will also silently judge you and your choices. However, as soon as you take out her favorite toy, she immediately takes the challenge of chasing it and trying to catch it. I will say though, she is super smart. She may be slightly quieter but she’s smart like a raptor, thinking and figuring things out.
Harley has no boundaries and is not scared of anything. The vacuum is a curious beast who deserves some investigation. The blinds are play things and the front door is very suspicious, is there something on the other end?  But at the end of a day or ready for a nap, Harley will find you to chill watching TV and will be content for about five minutes, when something else attracts her attention.  Harley is food motivated and could easily be trained to do some cool tricks, though she may lose interest and run off for her next adventure, but will run back for a quick treat for energy.
One thing you should be aware of, there is no off button, you just need to wait for the batteries to run out. Keep in mind though, the batteries are energy efficient and rechargeable.
If Harley cannot go with her sister, she must go to a home with another friendly young cat who will be able to keep up with her.  She has lots of energy especially after breakfast and dinner, after a nap or when you up pick up a toy off the floor, play time is anytime.

Adoption Fee: $225.00


Her Must-Haves

  • A young, friendly cat or kitten for companionship in her forever home (or to a home with her sister, Quinn)

  • A home willing to provide lots of love and attention 

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