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Female Cat

Her Details

DOB: December 2021 (Approximate) 

Colour: Tabby 

Breed: Russian Blue

Children (+12 yrs)
Running Dog

Her Personality

Meet Geebera, the charming cat with a personality as diverse as her interests. She's a sweetheart who adores gentle pets and lively toy sessions. With a knack for finding cozy spots, she's equally content on a bed or perched high on furniture. This loyal and smart companion is always up for a game of chase or a cuddle session, though she values her independence and quiet moments. Athletic and curious, she'll keep you entertained with her playful antics and watchful gaze as you work. While she may take time to warm up, her loyalty and affection shine through, especially in her love for kisses and back pats. Just remember, she prefers light head pets and short cuddles, respecting her independent spirit.

Adoption fee is $200


Her Must-Haves

  • A home that has the time to give lots of attention and love

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