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Young Male

His Details

DOB: February 2024

Colour: Tan and Black

Breed: Corgi/Hound

Running Dog

His Personality

Sweet Gary, or as we call him Garebear. This little man is the definition of sweet. Gary is still a puppy so he is still discovering the world around him and learning proper behaviors. He learned to sit with no problem. He automatically sits when a treat is brought out now. We are working on house training and “leave it”. As a puppy Gary loves to chew so he would lone to have a supply of good, strong chew toys. Gary always lets you know just how happy he is with his tail always waggling about. When he’s done playing that means it’s cuddle time. Gary loves to be held and hugged and he is also content laying by your side but pets are still expected and he’ll let your know if you forget to pet him. Gary sleeps quietly through the night in his crate right now, once fully house trained he could sleep wherever he’s allowed (the bed being his favorite!). If you’re looking for a fun loving, yet cuddly little man to your family Gary is your guy!

Adoption fee: $695.00


His Must-Haves

  • A home that is quite active and will have the time to provide lots of exercise.

  • Patience while I learn to housetrain. 

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