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Adult Female
farmina 1.jpg

Her Details

DOB: September 2021 (approximate) 

Colour: Lynx Point

Breed: Domestic Short Hair/Siamese

Children 12+
Cats (Selective)
Running Dog

Her Personality

🐾 Meet Little Farmina: The Quirky, Sweet, and Gorgeous Cat! 🐱

Hello, I'm Farmina, and I'm a one-of-a-kind feline with a personality as unique as my name! 💫

🗣 Chatty and Expressive: When it comes to talking, I'm not shy! I'll strike up a conversation with my humans, letting them know what's on my mind, but I promise I'm not too demanding about it. 🐾💬

💆‍♀️ Affectionate and Independent: I'm a cuddle enthusiast and adore being pampered with pets, but I also appreciate my alone time for napping and reflection. Balance is the key to happiness! 😻💤

🍽️ Food Lover: A good meal is my idea of heaven! I relish every bite and savor every flavor. Food is one of life's greatest pleasures, after all. 🍗🍴

🪄 Quirky and Endearing: My unique quirks and charming personality have a way of melting hearts and making everyone fall in love with me. Just look at my gorgeous self! 😽💖

🏡 Ideal Home: I'd thrive in a quieter environment where I can be my true, weird self and enjoy some solitude when needed. Cuddles from my humans are always welcome, but I'm a bit nervous around other animals due to past experiences. 🐾

👧👦 Kid-Friendly: While I may not be comfortable around handsy kids, older children who know how to respect and be gentle with animals would be just fine.

🌿 Dietary Needs: I've had some tummy troubles in the past, so I'm currently on a wet food diet, which seems to agree with me. I might be able to reintroduce dry food in the future, but it'll require a gradual transition. I am currently sponsored by my namesake brand, Farmina, and the cool hoomans at Global Pet Foods McKenzie Towne are happy to give my adopters a 15% discount on food for my first year in my new home!

If you're looking for a charming and unique companion who will fill your life with love and quirky moments, I might be the perfect match for you! Let's make memories together in a home filled with understanding and affection. Come meet me today!

farmina 5.jpg
farmina 2.jpg

Her Must-Haves

  • A home with older children 12+

  • Homes w/cat savvy dogs would be considered

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