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Boreals Story


Boreal came to FFARS from a remote community where she was found wandering around the water treatment plant. She was estimated to be early term pregnant but once she made it to our care it was discovered she was at least 45 days pregnant! First X-ray indicated 3, maybe 4 puppies present. Boreal came to us badly underweight but so very loving. She followed her foster momma everywhere in the house. Waddling along behind wanting to be near foster momma.

In the two weeks she was with us, before giving birth on November 4th, she did not put on the weight we had hoped she would. With access to limitless high quality foods, she was clearly exhausted from being pregnant. Thankfully, on the night of November 3rd labour started. She gave birth to 9, not 3 or 4 puppies. Sadly 2 were still born but there are 7 healthy, chubby adorable puppies.

With the final puppy caught in the birth canal and her energy level non-existent we raced to the urgent care vet clinic with her and the babies. She was admitted and spent the night of November 4th in the capable hands of Fish Creek Vet Clinic. Her puppies are being bottle fed by the staff and momma Boreal was concentrating on being triaged.

Momma Boreal was diagnosed as having a diaphragmatic hernia. In other words her diaphragm has a hole in it. Through the hole, her organs have moved and invaded her thoracic cavity leaving her with only 30% of the normal volume she would have for breathing. It is possible this happened during the birthing of her puppies or it is possible it is a genetic defect that she was born with. The hole may also have enlarged during the birth of her babies. The only way to fix the hole is surgical repair of the diaphragmatic lining.

Overnight with pain management medication and fluids she gained a bit of strength and this morning managed to eat some food. She even stood! It was a wobbly stand, but she stood. For the next 24 hours the vets will continue to help her build strength so she has the best chance for surgical success. Tomorrow, The amazing staff and veterinarians at Fish creek pet hospital will look to perform the surgery. Typically the surgery has an over 84% success rate. Boreal is painfully thin with other possibly health concerns her chances are being estimated at a conservative 70%.

Boreal has a tough journey ahead of her with at least 3 more days in the ICU. She will not be able to mother her newborn puppies. She will be busy fighting her own battle. We think she deserves this chance and are going to give her everything we have as a rescue. She should have a chance to survive as she has given everything she has to her puppies. Her vet bills are estimated to be between $6,000 and $10,000 as a small rescue we are urgently pleading for donations!

We will be provided with a more exact estimate tomorrow once we have a better understanding of the state she will be in then!! For now please have her in your thoughts and spread the word as much as you can we would not be able to do what we do without the support of everyone!

To donate directly to our vet bill you can call Fish Creek Pet Hospital at 403-873-1700


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