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Male Kitten

His Details

DOB: October 2023 (approximate)

Colour: Brown Tabby

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Running Dog

His Personality

Introducing Crackle, the heartwarming bundle of fur who's sure to steal your heart! Crackle is a curious and affectionate kitten, part of a trio of siblings alongside Pop and Snap, each with their own unique charm.

From the moment you meet him, Crackle's friendly nature shines through. He's always ready to greet you with a purr and a playful twinkle in his eye, eager to explore the world around him.

This delightful kitten is a true social butterfly, forming instant connections with both people and animals alike. His warm and welcoming personality makes him a cherished companion to all who meet him.

When it's playtime, Crackle truly comes alive. His favorite pastime? Playing with toys, of course! Whether it's chasing after a feather wand or batting around a ball, Crackle's playful energy is infectious.

But amidst all the fun and games, Crackle also has a softer side. There's nothing he loves more than snuggling up on a cozy lap, drifting off into dreamland with the comforting presence of his loved ones nearby.

With his irresistible charm and boundless affection, Crackle is ready to bring endless joy and love into the hearts and homes of his forever family.

Adoption Fee: $225.00


His Must-Haves

  • A home willing to provide lots of love and attention.

  • A home with another kitty companion or one of his siblings is preferred

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