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Young Male

His Details

DOB: November 2022

Colour: Tan and White

Breed: Chihuahua

Weight: 16 kg

Running Dog

His Personality

Meet Cisco, he will steal your heart with his adorable antics. While still mastering the art of house training, Cisco is making remarkable progress, proving himself to be a diligent learner. With a leash in hand, he becomes the epitome of a well-behaved walker, making outdoor adventures a joy. Cisco's sociable nature extends to all creatures big and small, as he happily coexists with kids, dogs, and even feline friends, given the right guidance. His kennel is his sanctuary, where he feels secure and content. A bundle of energy, Cisco thrives on affection and playtime, whether it's snuggling on a lap or entertaining himself with toys. Despite his occasional bursts of exuberance, Cisco maintains a gentle demeanor, embodying the perfect balance of spiritedness and kindness. Cisco's ideal home is one filled with love and attention, where his handsome presence is cherished and celebrated every day.

Adoption fee: $695.00


His Must-Haves

  • A home that is quite active and will have the time to provide lots of exercise.

  • A little patience while house training

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