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Male Kitten
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His Details

DOB: Sept 2023 (approximate)

Colour: Black

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Running Dog

His Personality

Ready to blast off into a world of fun and adventure? Buzz is the ultimate explorer, a handsome black cat with a heart as big as the cosmos and a spirit that's out of this world. As the only boy in the litter, Buzz is eager to find his forever home with you! Buzz's curiosity knows no bounds—this intrepid explorer is always on the lookout for new things to discover. Whether it's investigating hidden corners of the room or venturing into uncharted territory, Buzz is always up for a cosmic adventure. But exploration isn't Buzz's only passion—he's also a bona fide playtime enthusiast! From chasing toys to batting around balls in a track, Buzz's playful antics are guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours on end. And when it comes to interactive play, this cosmic kitty is a pro. Whether it's teasing with a feather wand or chasing after the elusive red dot of a laser pointer, Buzz is always ready for action. And let's talk about Buzz's love for entertainment—he's absolutely fascinated by the TV, especially when you put on some cat TV for him. Watching birds flutter across the screen or fish swimming in an underwater paradise? It's pure feline bliss for Buzz! But perhaps what Buzz loves most of all is showering his human with love and affection. This friendly feline is as cuddly as they come, always ready to curl up in your lap for a cozy snuggle session or purr contentedly as you scratch behind his ears. If you're looking for a loving, friendly, and endlessly entertaining companion to join your family, look no further than Buzz. Adopt this cosmic cutie today and prepare to embark on a journey filled with love, laughter, and out-of-this-world adventures!

Adoption Fee: $225.00

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His Must-Haves

  • A home willing to provide lots of love and attention.

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