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Female Cat
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Her Details

DOB: May 2021 (Approximate) 

Colour: Diluted Tortoiseshell

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Running Dog

Her Personality

Introducing Apple, a seasoned matriarch whose wisdom and nurturing spirit shine bright. With a heart that has nurtured countless litters, she's an embodiment of motherhood's warmth and devotion. Her gentle eyes hold the stories of each tiny life she's cared for, a testament to her incredible journey.

Amidst the bustling life she's woven, Apple finds solace by the window, a sage observer of the world. Whether basking in sunlight or cradled by the sound of raindrops, her tranquility is a testament to her inner peace. Her love for each moment, rain or shine, reflects the richness of a life well-lived.

Apple, a testament to maternal love and a silent witness to life's beauty, reminds us to cherish both the journeys we guide and the moments that shape us.

Adoption fee is $175

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Her Must-Haves

  • A home that has the time to give lots of attention and love

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