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Amelia Pond

Female Kitten
Amelia Pond1.jpg

Her Details

DOB: February 2023 (Approximate) 

Colour: White,Brown, Black Tabby

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Children over 12
Running Dog

Her Personality

Meet Amelia Pond, the feline embodiment of fun, intelligence, and feistiness. Much like her namesake, this kitten has a personality that's as quirky as it is endearing. Though she is shy at first, once comfortable with her humans Amelia is a little kook with a penchant for melodrama, making every moment spent with her an entertaining spectacle. 

Her funny and playful nature shines through, particularly when engaging in playtime, especially with her beloved human. Amelia's zest for life and love of play ensures that she will keep any home thoroughly entertained. From her amusing antics to her melodramatic flair, Amelia Pond is not just a kitten; she's a delightful character ready to bring joy and laughter to the hearts of those lucky enough to welcome her into their lives.

Amelia would do best in a home with other pets, however slow introductions are a must. She would love to find a furever home with her sister and best friend, Rory!

Adoption fee $200.00

Amelia Pond2.jpg
Amelia Pond3.jpg

Her Must-Haves

  • A home that has the time to give lots of love and attention

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